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As you know, our main focus is to push the development of the game by brainstorming new ideas that reflect “the collecting experience.” It’s been a real challenge just making sure random games drop and become assigned to an inventory, but now, we’re able to push that concept a little further. Below, is a snippet from a conversation between Joe and I. Joe, of course, is our lead/sole game designer. He’s kicking ass, and juggling a lot to make sure we can get our game by this time next year. As always, if you’re interested in more updates, check out GamerCast where we usually mention what’s new fairly often.

A little preface for the conversation: the main goal in the game is to collect 64 unique prototype cartridges for an NES-like system that were never released. You have to save these artifacts before Digi Corp Unlimited gets their hands on them, and converts them to infected digital data, and destroys the real pieces of history.


Here’s the conversation:

  • Joe Granato

    ok – so i’m playing with the interface.

     I have good news plus a few ideas on how this might be able to flow in a way that really hypes the collection part of it, I think.

    Rob McCallum

    Awesome! Please share!

    Joe Granato

    Alright – so I’m working on the ‘collection’ interface. First cool thing – i actually have little cartridges that represent the games rather than just text. when you select them, it populates a few fields :Game: (then says name of game), Condition: (then says name of condition), Value: (then says monetary value)

    Rob McCallum

    Holy F*%k, so far, amazing

    Joe Granato

    with the set up, game names can be 10 characters across, BUT, also 3 rows long…

     so you could put
    of Zelda

    Rob McCallum


    Joe Granato

    so long as no individual word is more than 10 characters, should be able to REALLY be able to express what game is what pretty easily…a few abbreviations here or there.

    Rob McCallum


    Joe Granato

    now…onto how this just logically seems to work functionally while i’m toying around with it….and i *think* you’ll like this

    there are 64 little ‘game’ slots…little cartridge spaces. 8 rows, 8 columns.

    My ORIGINAL idea was that they were all pre-assigned…like the first was super mario, the second was zelda, the third was metroid…and they just either show up or not depending on whether you have them, scattered around the table…BUT….

    and i think this works better for ‘collecting’….

    Instead, when you get a game, whatever it is (even if it is a duplicate), it puts it in the next slot.

    you can hold A and it shows duplicates (still working on) to easy figure out what you want to trade…

    like you have 64 ‘slots’ for games, and the goal is to fill them with unique games.

    so you might have:

    Mario, zelda, mario, mario, contra, kid icarus.

    You want to get rid of the marios and trade for other games that are not in your collection

    AND get the best *version* of the games.

    Rob McCallum

    I wonder how much of a hassle it’s going to be to go through your collection and identify the doubles and variants (condition)

    Joe Granato

    so you might have mario-poor, mario-fair and mario-fair but find a mario-mint or something

    it’s easy

    the coloration of the cartridges tells you the condition, and if you hold A on that menu, it shows you duplicates of whatever game you have selected

    (smile emoticon)

    that’s what i’m working on now

    so it’s super easy to find them.

    Rob McCallum

    Ok next question

    Is there a way to expand the quantity that you can hold, say via acquiring the “van” aka airship,

    Joe Granato

    well, i had a *next level* idea.

    it’s this:

    you can always ONLY hold 64 games at a time…consider it your backpack as you go adventuring. BUT…the thought is maybe we have a drop location (your house, whatever) with the entirety of the collection…but again, that’s some next level stuff. in THAT situation, it’s either have them or don’t and they’re in pre-defined positions on the shelf sort of thing

    what’s neat about that is…we can include the WHOLE collection of games. so even though you can only hold 64, it could be any games from the entire catalog that might be in those spaces

    Rob McCallum

    Like a trophy room

    Joe Granato



    consider it a next level thing, but it’s already in the back of my mind

    Rob McCallum

    I think it would be neat to have a safe house in every town to store games or over flow

    Joe Granato

    something. it’s going to come down to whatever is possible.

     brb gonna eat breakfast.
     but yeah, thought you’d dig the general idea?

    Rob McCallum

    Ok cool. All sounds great. For the record I don’t mind a pre-determined slot list either

    So it’s an option too

    Joe Granato

    i know, but in toying with it, this actually seemed to make more sense

    Rob McCallum

    Sure, totally

    Joe Granato

    so that way, it’s not “you have 7 copies of super mario”

    it’s literally 7 slots are filled with super mario

    and you actively trade them off, and i don’t have to also keep track of or somehow illustrate that quantity

    Rob McCallum

    As collectors we have lists and being able to see the progress on our list, which ones we have which ones we don’t is have the battle and lure of looking too

    Joe Granato

    sure. That’s why my mind went to ‘trophy room’ idea

    Rob McCallum

    Ya for sure and maybe they can be pre determined there, and of course we can include it in the manual as well

    Joe Granato

    yeah. that’s what i was thinking.

    alright be back. i’ll continue on this path then

    Rob McCallum

    Cool man,  (smile emoticon)


    Joe Granato

    This method is working 100% except for changing the color (attribute) of the cartridge based on ‘quality’ of cart. Which will be a pain, but I’m working on it.

    Rob McCallum

    Ah cool! Well maybe we can sort out a work around but f you get it to work that will be “money”

    Joe Granato

    nah i’m determined to get it to work. it’s really complicated to explain why it’s a bitch to deal with “attributes” but essentially….

    tile data is 2 bytes long…there are 1024 possible values…remember when i said numbers can only go as high as 256? That’s why it’s 2 bytes…the second byte is like the “dollar” while the first byte is like the “cents” in that case

    256 x 4 = 1024.

    Rob McCallum

    … Yes. Lol.

    Joe Granato

    BUT…the attributes don’t correlate the same way…there are only 64 attribute bytes…each pair of bits IN the byte talks about 4 tiles…

    #%11000000 means that the first tile in a four tile group will be a certain color….

    And what’s worse is…it’s not linear…

    It’s not 11000000 = 1, 00110000 =2 00001100 = 3…no no…that would be too easy

    it’s like 11000000 = the bottom right corner, then the top right, then the bottom left, then the top left, while tiles themselves are just in order left to right like you’d expect.

    so it’s REALLY hard to write the algorithm to figure out *which* bits to change of which byte to correspond to the tile you are changing.

    But it’ll happen. It’ll just take me some time to figure out.

    Rob McCallum

    Well that definitely explains it lol

    More as it comes!!

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