Hey Nintendo Quest’ers and fellow visitors!
We’ve been making lots of progress on the game since the last time I dropped an update. As you can recall, Joe and I were chatting back and forth about how the games drop, the kinds of value they have, and how they sit within your inventory. Well since, then, I’ve seen a video from Joe of our inventory AND switchable game states. The art is only temporary, of course, but the mechanics work as we switch from over world, to combat, to inventory. The inventory screen itself, currently limits you to 64 games, but that may decrease depending on our narrative, and if we can create a mechanic that allows that to scale from 8 carts to 64 as you acquire party members. From a narrative perspective, you’ll be tasked with scoring 64 rare prototypes that have an underground cult status of, maybe, being the best games of all time. You have get them before Digicorp, who plans to destroy them in an effort to force you to play their digital-only games.

The inventory screen allows you to have duplicates, so choose what you keep, drop and trade. We’re working on a mechanic that lets you swap the carts around so you can organize them in any way you wish, be it alphabetical, or by condition. Joe’s represented the conditions in color differences as you’ll see in this short inventory demo: https://youtu.be/h_xWi_t0a-4

Here’s the game states demo. Again, the art is only temporary. We have to build things from the ground up and then put the icing on the cake. The next big step for us, is to incorporate and marry story desires to mechanic capability. This is what we’ve been doing all along, but now it becomes much more intense and much more dependent on each side working well with the other. Joe can explain this much better than I can but it’s like having several Jenga towers that are each “swiss cheese’d” and fragile. You can swap blocks from one for the other, to make the other more stable, but at the risk of an imminent collapse of both. Take a look at the game states demo: https://youtu.be/myP_tepThy4

More as it comes, guys, I promise. I’m particularly interested in getting to the point where our villains, bosses, and other kickstarter backers are part of the narrative through-line. Stay tuned!!

Game On,

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