Hello Box Art Aficionados!
Apologies for the radio silence as of late, but we’ve been really busy prepping, editing, and even shooting!! Let’s jump right in:


The first weekend of August saw our crew in Mesa, AZ for the second annual, Game On Expo. Having attended last year as a guest and panelist, I knew it was going to be a great opportunity to chat with folks about Box Art, it’s legacy and even brainstorm a bit on our new series-based format, topics to explore, and more.

Interviewees included Jay and Billy from the Game Chasers, 8-bit Eric, Norm, the Gaming Historian, Scott Squatch, and Antoine Clerc-Renaud. The first five are well known Youtube Gamers, game collectors and each had an interesting take on the role of Box Art as it’s evolved through each era gaming. They all feel this topic is important to explore, because if it’s not documented, we’ll never learn the stories behind the art we love, or know about the people and their personal tale that led them to create gaming art. We’re completely on the same page.


Antoine Clerc-Renaud is the author of the official book on Coleco History, and might I add, the only book on Coleco that exists! I shared a table with Antoine, which meant I was lucky enough to pester him for the majority of the expo and chat about Box Art as a subject matter. Besides being a fan of Coleco, he’s also a really big Playstation One enthusiast, which had a lot of unique art. There was never a moment of silence.


Like last year, I was fortunate enough to be apart of a couple panels this time around, with one that had me on the same stage as Chris Pope and Al Lowe. Chris was successful with a crowdfunding campaign on a spiritual successor to SpaceQuest and Al Lowe is the humble creator of Leisure Suit Larry – which, with it’s adult themes, must have an interesting story for it’s box art, right? After our panel, I was able to roll camera with Al and learn more about the Sierra process, the extent they went to insure the game wasn’t intended for kids, and how things have changed since the original game and with the recent reboot of “Larry” with Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded – a project that brought Al back into the fold.


Like I’ve suggested this entire post, it was a very productive weekend, but there’s no rest in sight. In about two weeks, I’ll be heading to PAX as part of a panel featuring directors that have made documentary films based on video games, or the game industry, and it seems like the perfect chance to role cameras with some folks in the Seattle and Vancouver area.  Who are we going to film? Check back in a few weeks to find out!

Game On,

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