It’s true. We’re stuck in development hell – but for all the good reasons that will make the game great, namely, not taxing our dedicated programmer, Joe Granato to the bones who’s racing to get his own game and documentary on making said game finished. So, what could we possibly share as an update at this point? Well, there’s been a lot of work behind the scenes that we’re gonna roll out so at least you see that we’re communicating and that we have things happening on some level.

Let’s quickly recap what’s going on:
“Gamer Quest” has you take control of Jay as you race across the world to collect video games. Here’s a snipped from our Design Document:

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 10.12.42 AM
We’ve divided the games you’ll collect into FIVE “rarity” categories:


The last category, ULTRA-RARE GOLDEN PROTOTYPES, will be the carts you collect from bosses, and the other games, you’ll find in dungeons, game shops, drops from enemies and as rewards for quests, and side-quests.

Within the first four categories, there are also four degrees of condition:


Green is more common than blue, and blue is more common than red, and red is more common than gold. We still have to tweak what that balance might be within the condition category, but also within the rarity categories. For example, a game that’s considered RARE, in other words, the second of the five rarity categories, but also GREEN in terms of condition, aka a Rare Green Game, might have the same worth as a Common Red Game. Within the Common category, the red games are high on the list, but compared to the rarity of anything in the Rare category, it’s on par with a Rare Green game. That make sense? It’s certainly complicated, but if you’ve collected games, you might understand that Little Samson with no label might be on par with a pristine copy of Ducktales 2, or at least that logic.

So what are the names of the games… within Gamer Quest?
A while ago, on our Facebook page, we solicited some possible names for games that will appear within the game then we sorted them into the categories as described above. Did you game-name suggestion make the cut? Take a look!!

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 10.54.14 AM
Like all development and design documents – this could all change. Theoretically, according to Joe, this is all possible but might come at the cost of other aspects we want to include in the game. Personally, I think the collecting aspect is so key to the game that almost everything else has to take a back seat, but we will take things one challenge at a time.

Next time, we’ll talk about abilities, stats, and your fearsome foe!

Game on,

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