Last month we talked about your goal for “Gamer Quest” and revealed the name of games you had to secure in order to be successful. Well, that’s not the entire scope of what’s going on and isn’t how you finish or master the game.

Like every great hero, you have a foil who’s using all of his vast resources, which include dark magic, to acquire all the games too. His name is Zavvus Rek. Sounds like it’s straight out of Star Wars, right? Well, “Zavvus” might be an alias for our tiny villain who’s obsessed with all forms of power. He’s certainly a collector that’s on the dark side of collecting and has a massive Napoleon complex. He also owns Digi-Corp Unlimited, a huge gaming company that focuses on digital game creation and have had a string of hits. You can imagine that a new batch of retro games hitting the market could impact their market share, and Zavvus’s ego!

So, let me be clear. Zavvus will be the final boss in the game. You have to beat him to win. You can win without a full collection of games, but it’s likely going to be harder. In fact, many of you reading this will not have the same collection when you face Zavvus and you likely wont have the same collection even if you play the game over and over again, thanks to the varying condition of each game.

Remember, there are five categories of games – Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Ultra-Rare Golden Prototypes – and within the categories there are four kinds of conditions, each denoted by a color –  Green, Blue, Red, Gold. So unless you do a lot of game hunting to make sure you have every game as a “Gold” condition, you’ll find a lot of diversity in your collection. Is it possible to have every game in “Gold” condition? Yes. With time. The percentage of those drops and chances of seeing them in stores will be low, but yes it will be possible.

You’ll gain the 8 Ultra-Rare Golden Prototypes only by defeating bosses, and they only come in one condition, “Gold.”

So, the big question, “Why does your game collection matter and impact your chances or effect the difficulty for the final battle?” Well, it’s not just the final battle, but every battle and that’s because the games you collect bestow stat bonuses to your character and/or party. The better the collection in terms of quality and quantity, the stronger your party will be. These stats might change for the sake of balancing, but you’ll get the idea, check it out:


So, hopefully you think that’s cool and fun. We wanted to really reward the collecting experience and those gamers that want to invest the time to looking for the best possible quality of games with something that actually helped their team instead of an inventory item that does nothing – but I’m sure it will be a bit of a grind at times, just like collecting in the real world.

If you checked out the above image, you probably saw our short acronyms for your stats, so let’s dive into that next:


We may add more stats or less, again, depending on balancing and what we can actually achieve in the game. Just remember our main goal is to keep the action focused on collecting and improving your collection which improves your team and opens up new opportunities within the game. So, yes, you’ll start to develop a “Gamer Rep” based on the score of your collection – which is a top secret formula at this point, but again, it makes it fun. For example, you wont be able to enter certain shops until your Gamer Rep is at a certain level plus a few other requirements like player level etc. As far as shops, and towns, we’ll talk about that next time.

Game on,


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