2018 has already thrown twists and turns my way on a variety of projects but that’s when things usually get the most exciting too. I’ve had three different documentary projects in the past 4 weeks flirt with the precious green light of production. While one of those projects is on a small hiatus, the other two are vying for my time. I hate being so cryptic but because there are some legal issues surrounding all three projects, and even an NDA, I can’t disclose everything just yet.

Power of Grayskull and Box Art remain on track to release this year, and I’m happy to say that Box Art will be firmly in the front seat with the Nintendo Quest video game riding upfront as well.

NESmaker, Joe Granato’s most recent endeavor has exploded on Kickstarter and represents the functioning engine that will drive the our game. That’s exciting and finally some shareable progress. Next we hope to showcase some rough demos of game states, with early art passes plus interaction. We’re also going to make the beta versions available to everyone as we go so they can constantly see our progress and evolution. So if you’ve got an NES emulator, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to check out the work-in-progress of our game!


With Kittie: Origins/Evolutions officially set to release on March 30, 2018 from Light Year Entertainment, I’m also prepping the final stages of the fan cut of that film for Indiegogo backers that supported the campaign a few years back. Not only will they receive the theatrical version that runs 95 minutes, but they also get the fan cut that runs close to 3 hours long. In addition to the fan cut, the band is including a LIVE Audio CD with the release that packs both a Blu Ray and DVD of the film.

In further Kittie news, I’ve fine-cut the Kittie concert film that served as the after party for the documentary premiere. The concert, filmed at The London Music Hall, features several iterations of the band and has a current run time of around 80 minutes. We’ll head into post-audio next to mix the concert before we revisit the edit once more and dial in the color correction. Having never made a concert film before, I thoroughly enjoyed both the production and the edit phase of the film, and I look forward to the next opportunity to capture a concert. Stay tuned for pre-order details!

The biggest project that I can talk about that has moved forward after sitting somewhat dormant for a year is “Backed Or Busted Crowdfunding.” What started as a way for me to share my crowdfunding knowledge, coupled with my ongoing fascination and researching in that space turned into a web-series that takes a Shark Tank approach live campaigns. Every episode I visit campaigns and based on how creator presents the project, I determine whether its worth backing or if it’s busted. If it’s worth backing, I become a backer and plunk down real-world money to support the initiative. If it’s busted, I showcase where it went wrong. From finding flaws in successful campaigns to showcasing small projects that need some love, it’s been a great experience and really helped drive consultations.

I’ve enjoyed making the series so much that I’m going to translate my findings and other knowledge into a live, one-day seminar in London, Ontario, Canada at some point in the near future. We’ll cover all the basics of crowdfunding and showcase where campaigns fail. If the one-day seminar goes well, not only will I repeat it a few times a year in various locations, but I’ll transition it into a weekend intensive where I work with teams to shape their specific campaigns throughout the second day.

As I started out saying, there’s a lot happening and 2018 could be unpredictably fruitful. Looking forward to sharing the next update with you which hopefully will reveal at least one project in the works!